My Data Story :)

Annika Claassen


The data that I looked through was the Google searches for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton around the time of the 2016 election, and what I found was some surprising evidence that could show Google pretty much predicted the outcome of it. What I learned was that it goes deeper than just looking up the terms "Clinton" and "Trump". My theory regarding Google Trends predicting the outcomes of these important events is that it is absolutely true. If key terms are searched for in the Google trends website, indicating that the person searching them up was a part of that specific side of the competition. I chose this topic because I recalled reading an article about how google could've predicted the presidential election and thought it could be an interesting topic. 



This article talks about how Google trends has been predicting the outcomes of elections all over the world accurately for many years, and how this tool should be taken advantage of. 


Google tells us in this link that the 90 days leading up to the election trump had been in the lead almost the entire time.


This link is showing that did Google not only predict the 2016 election, but the 2012 election as well. There are dozens of peices of evidence from different searches.

Data Queires 

2012 Election

2016 Election


As a breif summary of what I reaserched, I now realize how Google Trends should be used as a tool. It can be accurate when used correctly, although i'm not sure I should say correctly, because there are so many different ways to. Not only can google predict election outcomes, but tons of other things too, the stock market, bitcon, taking advantage of this tool could be the best decision of a persons life!



In conclusion, I learned alot about the presidential election, getting a wee bit more framiliar with HTML, and finding a new website that i'm sure I will be using in the future.